About Us

Hello.. friends My name is Atul Singh. I have done my graduation in Biotech Engineer from Biotechnology. When I was studying my graduation, I used to enjoy my life very much.

When I started my career, I saw that many people share their knowledge and information, through the blog,  then  I will also make sure to share the information through the blog.

And, after I graduated, I had been working at a small Job where I listed and sold items online on Snapdeal, Flipkart etc in 2013. After few Year I started my own blog to give free information to help other people.

That is when I became interested in SEO. I became obsessed with my website’s search results, traffic, learning better ways to optimize it for better rankings, getting backlinks. All that good stuff.

I’ve my own blog to sale Guest Posting services and my original plan was to sell my own SEO Services.