how can lifestyle choices help reduce the risk of heart disease

  • Cancer is the number one cause of early death in Canada – Canadian Cancer Statistics 2004
  • Cancer will be the leading cause of death in Canada by 2020,” says Dr. Barbara Whylie, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Cancer Society.
  • Cancer incidence can be reduced by 35% by changing your diet.
  • You can reduce your risk of at least 10 kinds of cancers that are responsible for 72% of all cancer cases with a Cancer Prevention Method.
  • Low NK Cell Activity is a strong predictor of poor prognosis of survival for cancer patients, while the higher the NO Cell Activity in patients with cancer the better their prognosis is for survival.
  • Cholesterol can be reduced by 50% on average with a high fiber diet.
  • Heart attacks can be reduced by over 20% with a high fiber diet.
  • You can get 10 years younger physiologically by proper exercises.
  • Flying from the East coast to the West coast = one X-ray.
  • Free Radicals is one of the major connection to all degenerative diseases and their associated pain.
  • Free Radicals can damage the DNA – the component of your gene!
  • Masquelier’s OPCs is more powerful in removing free radicals than other antioxidants.
  • 50-60% of the population has insufficiency of Mg and K, however, these 2 minerals are very important to our cells’ porosity and their inherent ability to absorb nutrients from foods.
  • 60% of the North American population is deficient in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)
  • Standard American Diet abounds in unhealthy fats (hydrogenated, trans-fatty acids and fat substitutes)
  • Omega3 fatty acids are essential to optimal health and life – World Health Organization (WHO)


Live Peacefully

we all recognize the damaging outcomes that delivered in by an agitated mind you can’t attend your mind your courting along with your colleagues is extreme you quarrel along with your partner and your buddies shy away from you.

Long-term stresses are acknowledged to manifest themselves in your body as diseases that are exhausting to urge rid of off.

So, you own yourself and your family the peacefulness you deserve. Try to live in peace consciously.

Live Peacefully

Go To The Beach to See the sunset and Enjoy

An enjoyable thanks to getting relaxed and produce calmness and peacefulness to yourself is to require your family outside and enjoy the character of things. escape from your TV, PC, games and throw away your cigaret (if you have the habit).


Meditation is the best way to get relaxed.

You can go to bookstores or your local library to find some books to read. Or you can search on the web to get what you want.

One very useful website you should visit is called: A Bardon Companion. This website is operated by Raw Clark and the information there are free. On this website, Mr. Raw Clark provides a complete meditation system that you can follow step by step. You can also download the audio recordings to help you to meditate.

If you are really not in the mood to practice meditation (which I strongly suggest you do, remember you own yourself and your family to be healthy.

To help you get relaxed, you’ll be able to additionally try some meditation music. you may have an outsized choice to select from.


Proper Exercise

Studies have shown that correct exercise will cause you to younger for up to 10 years  physiologically. So go out and do some stretches; walk around your neighborhood for half an hour; or go to your community center to participate in your favorite sports activity.


You are what you eat, but do realize that 60% to 70% of the North America population is not getting enough nutrition that our bodies require to function normally. But first what is nutrients?

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