Hello, everyone, we are going to discuss the topic rehabilitation its meaning aims and objectives first.  We will give a brief introduction of rehabilitation involvement in moderate or rigorous physical activities has been an integral part of the survival of living beings each and every individual has to perform a wide variety of movements in their day-to-day life. Most importantly involvement in a variety of wide range of movements is a part and parcel of a sports person’s life just as movements are inseparable from our life. Similarly, a very famous saying goes that injuries are the ornaments of a sports person general exercises are part of the athletes warm-up before training sessions and competitions play an important role in the prevention of injuries. Sportspersons at various levels despite using all kinds of protective gears of the best quality and minimizing all possible risks of injuries still encounter minor or major injuries. Many times even the slightest bit of carelessness on the part of the individual can lead to injuries ranging from minor to even fatal ones. The immediate step that follows after an injury is first aid and treatment of that injury but the most important function that comes at the end of the whole process is rehabilitation. In most cases, the rehabilitation of the injured part is ignored which delays the recovery process may even lead to permanent damage.REHABILITATION

Meaning of Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is a specialized branch of medicine that helps to improve the condition of an injured or disabled person. Rehabilitation is the combined and coordinated use of medical social education and vocational measures for retaining the individual to the highest possible level of functional ability.

The dictionary meaning of rehabilitation is to restore an individual to a healthy or normal life by training and therapy after imprisonment addiction or illness. The World Health Organisation says that rehabilitation of people with disabilities is a process aimed at enabling them to reach and maintain their optimal physical sensory, intellectual psychological and social functional levels. Rehabilitation provides disabled people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination last Peterson and / rainstorm in their book on sports injuries their prevention and treatment wrote when an injury has healed. The aim is to restore original function to the affected part trainers instructions are of the utmost importance in ensuring that the correct muscle groups are trained with the appropriate movements and with a well-balanced load from this. We can clearly understand the meaning of rehabilitation as well as its importance in the field of physical education as well rehabilitation comprises all such processes that assist in the process of recovering an individual or an athlete fully from an injury often with the assistance of thorough professionals rehabilitation is further also referred to as physical medicine. It is a branch of medicine that aims to boost and restore useful ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities. A doctor having completed coaching during this field is mentioned as a physiatrist or rehabilitation medicine specialist physiatrists specialize in restoring optimum perform to individuals with injuries to the muscles bones tissues and system. It can also be said that rehabilitation is a treatment or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury illness or disease to as normal condition as possible the purpose of rehabilitation is to restore some or all of the patient’s physical sensory and mental capabilities that were lost due to the injury or disease. Rehabilitation includes assisting the patient to compensate for deficits that cannot be reversed medically it is prescribed that many types of injury illness or disease including amputations arthritis cancer, cardiac disease, neurological problems, orthopaedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke and traumatic brain injuries rehabilitation should always be carried out only by qualified therapists exercise and other physical interventions must take into account the patient’s deficit an example of a deficit is the loss of a limb a proper and adequate rehabilitation program can reverse many disabling conditions. Conditions or will facilitate patients address deficits that can’t be reversed by treatment rehabilitation addresses the patient’s physical psychological and environmental desires. it’s achieved by restoring the patient’s physical functions and or modifying the patient’s physical and social surroundings. Rehabilitation is a process used to give a healing touch to patients who are suffering from physical and mental disorders addiction etc. Rehabilitation program helps the patient to get back to his or her normal life and on a livelihood, rehabilitation plays an important role in the lives of addicts. Persons who have suffered from diseases or accidents rehabilitation plays a key role in the lives of people who have suffered from a trauma this program is given to patients based on their needs every person’s requirements vary so the program is subjective personal attention is given to each and every patient and his or her development is monitored on a regular basis. Each rehabilitation program is tailored to the individual patients need and can include one or more types of therapies the patient’s physician usually coordinates the efforts of the rehabilitation team which can include physical occupational speech or other therapists nurses engineers physiatrists that is physical medicine psychologists. Orthotics’ s are the people who make devices such as braces to straighten out curved or poorly shaped bones prosthesis a person who makes artificial limbs or prosthesis and vocational counselors. Family members are often actively involved in the patient’s rehabilitation program as well based on all the above discussions. It is crystal clear that rehabilitation is not just specific to the field of physical education and sports. Sorely useful for sportspersons only but it is also beneficial for people from all walks of life according to the needs the rehabilitation programs are divided into various types and briefly described below occupational or vocational rehabilitation. This explicit form of rehabilitation is for those victims UN agency does have lost some vital skills. when they need to be met with a paralytic stroke or any unfortunate major accident we’ve got to perform these skills a day in our life while not that it’s not possible to survival skills like writing, reading, cookery food etc. We lose these skills if our brain is injured therefore victims lose interest in communicating with other people these particular therapists help you to do regular physical exercises meditation to make our muscles strong. The patient is given special care by their counselor and psychologist so as to restore the capacity of the individual to earn a livelihood next is physical or medical rehabilitation. This sort of rehabilitation is employed for patients UN agency have suffered from bone and muscle injuries. The healer helps plenty in giving the correct exercise regime to strengthen the muscles of back neck shoulder etc. This injury will happen thanks to accidents sports etc. plenty of treatment and technology is on the market in physical restoration. The recovery time differs from person to person and so does the type of injuries the patients have to follow religiously. The given exercise patterns for the restoration of the function of aquatic rehabilitation. This is a new trend in rehabilitation yet it is successful in treating problems in joints. The therapists treat the patients by giving varied water exercises like swimming water, cardiopulmonary exercise etc. This helps in giving strength flexibility and mobility to the muscles of legs many patients with arthritis joint pain and paralytic stroke are treated with the help of this rehabilitation. The fourth one is cognitive rehabilitation this type of rehabilitation is given to patients who have suffered from brain injury to help them to get back to routine activities. They are treated with the help of the neuropsychological approach. In this program, the patients are given counseling and mental exercises this programs looks at cognitive social moral and emotional aspects of the brain injury that has made the patient dependent this. Rehabilitation helps to support a patient to get back to his normal life prior to the injury the person can go back to his or her studies or job after recovering fully the next type of rehabilitation is social rehabilitation this type of rehabilitation is given for restoration of family and social relationships.AIM OF REHABILITATION

The next topic to be discussed is the aim of rehabilitation: Rehabilitation program without an aim or a goal is a ship without a captain and in such a situation not only the crew is at risk but the whole ship will be tossed endlessly with no hope of reaching the shores. Hence it is very important for a rehabilitation program to have a goal different experts from varied areas of expertise have presented the aim of rehabilitation differently following are the aim given by different experts according to the Austrian social society. The aim of rehabilitation following medical treatment is to establish the patient’s health so that they can again take part in everyday life. The aim of rehabilitation after amputation are individual and can vary very widely depending on the patient’s physical and emotional capabilities according to Lars Petersen and / rainstorm in the book sports injuries their prevention and the treatment have written that the aim of rehabilitation is to limit the amount of scarring and to preserve strength elasticity and contractility of the tissue’s components. After going through the aims given by different experts resist that comes out of all the above is to restore the original function to the affected part. When the injury is healed to reach the goal certain objectives have been set out that.

The next topic that will be discussed objectives of rehabilitation to reach the final goal certain steps need to be taken objectives are the means through which the expert will reach the final aim that is to restore normal functioning of the injured part or to bring the injured to such a position. He can get back to his normal mainstream of community life the objectives are described by the website’s tall person on amputation rehabilitation holds the view that at the beginning of inpatient rehabilitation the doctor and the patient should decide together on the objective the further course of treatment and the planning for instance elderly. Patients wish mostly to retain their independence social integration and to stay in their own homes. While younger amputees find it important to carry on their familiar private and working lives. Few limitations as possible an extremely important issue for all those in rehabilitation is the provision of prosthesis and learning. How to handle their replacement limp before initiating the provision of the prosthesis. The rehabilitation potential that is the amputees existing or foreseeable potential must be decided on the factors that more or less strongly affect the success of include eight comorbidities and social factors. However, the objective of rehabilitation can also be a painless residual limb or adequate mobility in a wheelchair if a decision against a prosthesis has been taken next the objective of rehabilitation. Lars Peterson and per rainstorm in the book sports injuries their prevention and treatment which is more specific to the field of physical education and sports are as follows:

  1. To regain normal mobility that is the range of motion of the joints.
  2. To stretch connective tissue fibers of the tendons and the muscles to an optimal length.
  3. To increase the strength and endurance of the muscles.
  4. To increase the strength of muscles and tendon attachment.
  5. Improve coordination and proprioception.conclusion of the topic rehabilitation

Now we come to the conclusion of the topic rehabilitation thus leads to the restoration of any physiological or psychological functions ranging from minor to major injuries and helps an individual to get back to a normal life and become a socially active as well as productive individual.

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